Welfare At School

Basic First Aid is provided for all children who need it, but if a child’s condition gives cause for concern then the parents will be contacted by telephone. If your child becomes unfit for school through illness during the day we will contact you. If your child suffers from any chronic or long-term medical conditions e.g. asthma or eczema, you must inform the school and leave any medication in a named container at the school office. If you are keeping your children at home because they are unwell, you need to inform us of the nature of the illness. This can be done in writing or a telephone message. Please inform the school immediately if you have a new address or contact numbers.

All children will be offered either a health interview or a medical examination during the twelve-months following entry to full-time school. Parents will be invited to meet the school nurse or doctor with their child and there will be follow up examinations if there is any cause for concern. Hearing and eye sight are also checked. The school dentist carries out periodic checks on children’s teeth and will notify you if treatment is needed.

The main entrance has an intercom entry system and the premises are covered by CCTV cameras. Anyone who arrives at the school during the school day must report to the office first and will be given a visitors badge if staying in school. All adults working with children are CRB checked. The school adheres strictly to all National and Local Authority Safeguarding Requirments.


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