Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Palm and Holly Class. Although your child is now Reception age they are still part of the Foundation Stage. This letter is just a reminder of routines and procedures that will help you and your child while attending here at Abbotsbury Primary School.


The Reception day begins at 8.40 am and ends at 3.10 pm. Lunch is at 11.30 – 12.30 pm. Entrance is staggered but by the 19th September all the Reception children will be full time.

School Uniform

• Red Abbotsbury jumper/cardigan (with logo)
• White polo shirt
• Black or grey trousers/skirt
• Plain grey/red tights
• Plain grey/white/black socks
• Plain black shoes/trainers

PE kit

• White t-shirt
• Black shorts (tracksuit bottoms may be worn
 for outside PE or for religious reasons)
• Plimsolls

You have already received a letter about appropriate school uniform and it would be better if children wore black trainers rather than shoes. Everything MUST BE NAMED please.

A book bag can be purchased from the school office for £5 and this must be brought to school every day with books please. The staff change reading books up to 3 times a week, please do not ask your child to change it or do it yourself.

Your child should also have a water bottle with their name clearly marked on it and ONLY WATER should be provided daily.

When your child is full-time they can either bring a packed lunch or have a school meal which is now free to all children in Reception. They can bring a separate drink from their water bottle for lunch if they are a packed lunch.

It is very important that if your child has school dinners or a packed lunch on a Monday that they then have the same ALL week. If your child wishes to switch from one to the other you need to inform the teacher and your child must not switch mid week please.

At the start of each topic the children will bring home a Takeaway Homework sheet inside a folder with blank paper. They have the length of each topic (4 school weeks) to complete at least 4 pieces of homework with your support. At the start of term we will ask for them to complete specific homework but usually they can choose from the 12 options.

Their book bags will also contain at least two books and a message book. One of these books will be a book for you to read to them at bedtime. £3 is charged for lost or damaged books.

In the Foundation Stage we do a variety of activities that need resources that are consumables e.g. cooking ingredients. To be able to do this we ask parents for a donation of 50p a week which is greatly appreciated.

Please make sure that your child’s teacher is aware of any medical conditions or food allergies that they may have.


Thank you for your support.

Mrs Wilson and Mrs Van Rensburg

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