Abbotsbury Primary School Status Update

Abbotsbury Primary School.

The school is closed Monday 21st to Friday 25th October 2019 for half term and then it is closed on Monday 28th October for Inset.

School is open again for children to attend Tuesday 29th October 2019.

Please be on time. Enjoy your break.


OpenCheck is the simplest way for parents and pupils to check whether or not the school is open. This is particularly useful in the event of unfavourable weather.


To begin, simply go to or click the image above. You may wish to bookmark this page for your convenience or select this link to view the school’s status and add it to your Common Feed List which will be explained in more information on the page.

Parents can now download the ParentComms app (which contains an OpenCheck link and subscription service).


How To Use The OpenCheck Service on the Website

Once on the website, under the Options box using the drop down menu, choose Merton and then select Abbotsbury Primary School; once these are selected click on the ‘Show status’ button.



Under the Status updates box you will see the status of Abbotsbury Primary School appear.


The most recent school status will then be displayed in this area to the right of the page, indicating whether or not the school will be open. Please note that the date of the last update displayed may be from some time in the past if there have been no planned closures since then. This will be updated regularly in the event of unfavourable weather to provide information.

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