Welcome Back!

Two full weeks completed and it feels like the holidays were a long time ago.
I would like to welcome you all back to school, especially if you have just joined us, and hope that you have had a lovely holiday. We are excited to welcome some new members of staff to our school, many of you will have met them already.  They are Miss Hughes, Miss Rothwell, Miss Rickcord, Miss Griffiths, Mr Odumuyiwa and Mr Craig.  We also say hello to Mr Dear and Mrs Burns.  We congratulate Mr and Mrs Sia on the birth of Oliver and would also like to wish Ms Buick all the best as she begins her retirement.

Dates for the diary
27thOct- 31st Oct – Half Term
19th Dec – Break up
5th Jan – Spring Term starts
22nd Sep – Welcome meetings
23rd – 26th Sep – Kingswood (Yr4)
6th Oct – Writing Week
23rd Oct School Photos

Welcome Meetings
Don’t forget the welcome meetings next Monday.  This is a good opportunity for you to meet the teachers and ask questions that might have arisen

1.00 Yr1
1.30 Yr2
2.00 Yr3
2.30 Yr4
3.00 Yr5
3.30 Yr6

The children look lovely in their new school uniforms.  Please remember that children should be in black shoes, a school jumper, white polo shirt and black, white or grey socks for boys and white socks for girls.  All children from Reception up need a change of clothes for PE, which is a white T-shirt and black tracksuit bottoms or shorts and trainers or black gym shoes.  In the winter they will need a black sweat shirt for when it is cold.  Small studs are allowed, but will need to be removed for some PE. Hairstyles should be neat and smart, so no shaved patterns, mohicans or unnatural colours.  It would be best for long hair to be tied back for a number of reasons.

We have started off very well.  If your child is ill and needs to stay at home please ring the office.  If they are away for more than 3 days you must provide a doctors slip or a copy of the prescription to the office.

Walking to School
While we think it is appropriate for the children in years 5 and 6 to begin to be independent and walk to and from school themselves, they are not old enough to take the responsibility for younger siblings.  Please arrange for your children in Year 4 and below to be brought to school and picked up by an adult.  Thank you.

Lunch time
All children in Rec, Yr1 and Yr2 are entitled to free school dinner.  This is proving very popular and has caused us to re look at lunchtimes.  So that parents of packed lunch children are aware of what they have eaten, we are asking the children to bring their rubbish back with them in their box.  This will mean they can discuss with you their likes and you can check that they are eating a balanced lunch.

Look out for the clubs allocation.  Children have been given their first choice, where possible.  There are a lot of children to cover, so this is not always possible.  Your child will not get their first choice if they do not put their name on the sheet!

After School
Please remember that children are not allowed on the apparatus after school.  Children can only use this when supervised by school staff. Also for health and Safety please ask your children to dismount and push scooters and bikes while on school premises. Thank you.

Everyone is really looking forward to going to Kingswood next week.  Those who are going, look out for more information sheets and last minute reminders.

September Newsletter 2014

Please select the links below to download Septembers 2014 Newsletter.

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